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Cravings an issue?

Stop Smoking with Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy has been used for health issues for many years but ten years ago a Polish doctor applied the basic principle of the bioresonance allergy treatment to nicotine addiction. His results were outstanding and he reported a 70% success rate with people stopping smoking with a maximum of three treatments. It has been reported since that thousands of people worldwide, including hundreds in New Zealand over the past four years, have given up smoking using this method.

How does it work?

Bioresonance therapy to stop smoking is a painless, natural therapy and uses no needles or drugs. It works on the scientific principle of 'phase cancellation' with the aim to cancel out your cravings.

Sound engineers use phase cancellation to eliminate unwanted noise — you may be aware of this technology in "noise cancelling" headphones for use on aircraft.

Nicotine has an electromagnetic charge in the body that maintains the craving to smoke. When you stop smoking this can remain and may continue to cause you to crave a cigarette, making it difficult to stop. The Bioresonance Stop Smoking Treatment is designed to cancel out this electromagnetic charge so that it no longer has a hold over your body and this effectively reduces the cravings. It also helps the nicotine to be easily eliminated and stimulates the detoxification of the other chemicals that are in cigarette smoke.

In our clinic we find that for most people cravings reduce dramatically within the first few hours and they will stop smoking easily. Plese contact us on 0800UCANSTOP to find out details of the guarantee we offer if this is not the outcome for you *.

We also find that most people can stop easily with just one treatment. But some people may not respond in this way and may require more treatments. Up to three treatments and further support are included, if required, over a two month follow up period to help you to stop.

We also know that although the long term success rate is high, we cannot guarantee that all people having this treatment will never smoke again.  So there is a lifetime offer of further treatment at 60% of the standard cost at any time after the 2 month follow up period *.

* Some terms and conditions do apply.

Individual results do vary.
Contact us now to find out more about our success in helping people to stop smoking for good.

Using bioresonance offers smokers a fresh approach to dealing with nicotine addiction. We want you to quickly feel, think and live like a non smoker.  

Practitioners in other centres throughout New Zealand offer the BICOM Bioresonance Stop Smoking Treatment and any enquiries through this website are able to be referred appropriately. Go to Other Clinics to see a list of locations.

Individual results do vary. You still need to be committed to not smoking to achieve long term results.