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Our Approach

At The Stop Smoking Clinic we don't dwell on the negatives about smoking, we focus on the solution . ..

When you are ready to stop we want to help you become a non-smoker as easily and quickly as possible – so you can enjoy the freedom and benefits that gives you without ongoing withdrawal, effort or stress.

We use BICOM Bioresonance Therapy, an innovative approach that aims to eliminate your cravings, to target your physical addiction. We do not use patches, medication, needles or hypnosis.

Feedback from our clients shows that in most cases cravings stop in the first few hours following the Bioresonance treatment - they find themselves not needing a cigarette and not having withdrawal symptoms. So we encourage them to go about life as normal following treatment –  to get used to being without a cigarette in all situations. Once the cravings stop they do not need to avoid social situations or other smokers - again feedback shows that most of our new non smokers find that they do not crave a cigarette in these situations. 
But we also understand that some people will not rerspond this way, and some people still have a strong habitual or emotional attachment to smoking and they may want some extra guidance and support to help them through the process of stopping and to stay stopped. We offer a pre-treatment consultation - in clinic or by telephone - to identify any concerns and to prepare you for stopping smoking. And if the time is not right for you there is no cost for that consultation. You will be provided with practical tips and techniques during your treatments to help you to understand and deal with the issues of habit change, stress, boredom and social situations and to minimize the potential to relapse.         

We make regular contact and encourage your feedback after treatment so that we can continue to support you through adjustment to life without smoking. We offer ongoing treatments if they are needed and there is a two month follow up period - if you smoke within that period you can receive back-up treatment at no extra cost (up to 3 treatments in a 2 month period).          
The overall aim of our Bioresonance Stop Smoking Program is to help you to stop smoking – for good – without suffering cravings or withdrawal or stress.

Practitioners in other centres throughout New Zealand offer the BICOM Bioresonance Stop Smoking Treatment and any enquiries through this website are able to be referred appropriately. Go to Other Clinics to see a list of locations.

Individual results do vary. You still need to be committed to not smoking to achieve long term results.