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About Us

I am Shona Ellis, the owner/operator of The Stop Smoking Clinic and BioMed Health. My clinic is located in Invercargill and I also operate satellite stop smoking clinics in Queenstown and Dunedin and travel to other Southland and Otago locations if there is sufficient demand. 
Bioresonance Therapy to stop smoking and for general health is also available in other locations throughout New Zealand.
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Over the last four years I have personally worked with hundreds of people to help them stop smoking using Bioresonance Therapy with exceptionally good results. I aim to provide a high level of personal service and care to my clients from initial contact and pre-treatment discussion through to follow-up after treatment. I am committed to helping my clients become — and to stay — smoke-free and to live a healthier life free from the financial, social and emotional costs of nicotine addiction

I originally trained as a radiographer and worked at Southland Hospital for many years. In 2006 I moved to Wellington and trained as a Bioresonance therapist while employed at a medical practice using the BICOM machine.

Seeing the Bioresonance potential for helping people with a wide range of health issues and also for helping smokers to stop smoking I purchased my own BICOM machine and established The Stop Smoking Clinic in 2007. When I returned to Southland at the start of 2009 I set up BioMed Health and today operate both clinics at 24 Windsor Street, Compleat Wellness, Invercargill.                    

Our results and testimonials

Please contact me to find out more about the results that are achieved in my clinic. I can also provide personal testimonials if required.

Practitioners in other centres throughout New Zealand offer BICOM Bioresonance Therapy and the Stop Smoking Treatment and any enquiries through this website are able to be referred appropriately. Go to Other Clinics to see a list of locations.